Brilliance Inside


Brilliance Inside is a project for harmony and peace, in which we seek to heal society’s cycle of violence and incarceration.

We first transform prison from being strictly a container of violence to a creator of peace by growing resilient, human-centered high-performance individuals contributing their purpose and a safer society on their release.


The Problem


Plus, our society is stuck in a cycle of violence that perpetuates itself and past hurt breeds more hurt.


Our Solution

We have uncovered the greatest opportunity to heal society's cycle of violence.  And ironically, it is those who perpetrated the cycle of violence who are in the best position to heal it.


In order to create a safer, more peaceful world for everyone, our solution, in two oversimplified steps, is:


Step 1 Programs

Our current focus is the sustainability and expansion of our Step 1 programs.


Every year, 100 outside community members come to prison to experience a TEDx event, side-by-side with 100 prison residents. It’s a day of self-expression, common humanity and a conversation between disconnected worlds.


Transformational year-round program

The TEDx day is designed, orchestrated, organized and implemented by a Core Team of prison residents. Even when we’re not organizing the next event, the Team continues to uncover and ignite their brilliance in leadership, communication and relationships to create unparalleled human transformation.


Resilience-Building Programs

In response to needs expressed by Donovan residents, Brilliance Inside has developed a number of additional programs to help the men grow into their brilliance.


Step 2 Programs

We have successful piloted step 2 programs and are ready to launch when the funding enables this expansion. Currently, we have one anchor Step 2 program:


EXCELerate Inside

Brilliance Inside is preparing to launch a nine-month entrepreneurship and incubation program in which Donovan residents are given the opportunity to grow into businessmen and leaders in their community. Learn how you can help make this program a reality.

EXCELerate Outside

When residents step back into the “free world,” they come out with powerful ideas to heal our society’s cycle of violence, namely focused on at-risk youth. This mentorship program supports their efforts and provides the needed resources.


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