Resilience-Building Programs

Prison residents have two choices: wait for their prison term to end while they “watch their toenails grow” (as stated by a TEDxMarionCorrectional speaker), or choose to engage in programming to release their hurt and destructive lifestyles and to turn toward more productive, constructive and empowering activities.

In addition to the cornerstone TEDx and EXCELerate programs, Brilliance Inside provides the inmates with a number of resilience-building programs that help them learn and grow, prepare them for successful reentry upon their release, and minimize recidivism. These programs were developed in response to specific needs expressed by the residents. Also, thanks to CA Prop 57, good behavior and participation in qualified programs allow residents to earn time off of their sentence.


Volunteers are always welcome to participate in any of these programs.  Reach out if interested.

Our current resilience-building programs include:

  • Conflict Resolution: A recurring 14-week program identifying internal and external sources of conflict and developing respectful and creative behavioral responses for resolution.

  • Nonviolent Communication: A recurring 14-week program providing Donovan residents with the tools of this powerful communication framework. Click here to learn more about this program.

  • Compassion-Cultivation Training: An eight-week Stanford-developed program to cultivate greater compassion towards self and others.

  • Compassion It Challenge: A one-month challenge to create daily acts of compassion to self, family, others and the Earth.

We are also working to bring the following programs to the residents:

  • Equine healing program

  • Regular guest speakers