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“A unique lecture series landed in an extremely unique San Diego location.  RJ Donovan Correctional Facility hosted its first TEDx event, called TEDxDonovanCorrectional.”

San Diego Union Tribune

“My answer for peace in the world is a conversation, as a conversation bridges any distance between two people. When I see the other as me, violence is no longer possible.”

“Martin Huey, 25, delivered his TEDx talk with a mixture of poetry and movement. With the cadence of a spoken-word artist he talked about the many “colors” that make up who he is now: dancer, linguist, convicted felon.]

“I’ve never done this before,” he said after leaving the stage to rousing applause. “This is a very humbling experience.”



“[A]fter more than two decades in prison, [Billy] said he was motivated by an unlikely source to atone for his guilt. He will be telling his story Sunday as part of Donovan Correctional Facility’s TEDx event.”