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Of the myriad demand for our resources, why invest in prison residents?  Yeah, I would have never imagined it myself a mere 2.5 years ago before this amazing – and what felt like ludicrous – calling to come into Donovan prison.  Here are some facts that opened my eyes and mind.

  • 95% of prison residents are going to come out of prison.  And I prefer a rehabilitated, productive and peaceful neighbor than a bitter, resentful, violent, addicted one

  • We’re bringing back into prison 45% of people we let out, because, while they are in prison, we’re not doing enough to help them become self-sufficient and self-reliant

  • We taxpayers invest over $75,000 per inmate per year.  With that money, we could be sending every single inmate to Brown University!  And, today, we’re doing very little to create any kind of return on that investment. This is what I am committed on changing!!!

Think about what we could save if people weren’t coming back to prison at a rate of 45%.  Imagine if we could inspire and motivate them to have the confidence to have the same ambition, drive and passion you do, and be productive once they are released.

Year 1 Budget

  • Program facilitators $140K

  • Program operations & materials $25K

  • Fundraising $10K

  • Sponsorship & legal fee $15K

  • Additional overhead $10K

Total $200K