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The Vision of Brilliance Inisde

Learn more from Maritte, founder of Brilliance Inside, about the history, purpose, and vision of Brilliance Inside.

TedX 2017

“Beyond the Surface” is a journey into the unseen! This theme demands of us to participate in a mind-altering interaction that will challenge perceived notions, uproot entrenched biases and soften hardened stereotypes. Our intent was to scratch the surface of what may be beyond our existing perceptions and take our hearts to places we never knew existed.



TedX 2018

Reasoning with Reality can mean to question reality, to plead with it, to bargain with it or to create one’s own version of it. One might do this through art, music, cinema, virtual reality, other creative outlets or by using one’s own mind. It can mean using science to try to determine the very nature of reality itself. It can even be as simple as changing one’s perception.